Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my students/friends!! I am blessed to be able to do what I love, and meet some awesome people along the way!

To anyone who is out of town, and boarding their dog(s) with me I just wanted to let you know they are All doing great!! And each one of them played hard, and every dog ate a full bowl of food topped with a Thanksgiving Day snack! Aka yogurt!!! 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving!
Tami, Garrett, Gatlin, Slyder, John Deere, Joe, Brutus, Digger and Ted!

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Thanksgiving Boarding

Don’t forget to bring a copy of current vaccinations with your dog. I have to have a paper copy. I can not take your dog in without it. Sorry a tag, or email won’t work. It’s in the rules designated by PACFA. Thank you!!

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I am booked for dog boarding over Thanksgiving! I am getting full for Christmas also so if you need to board let me know asap!
If anyone is wondering my kennel is super warm!
Have a great day!!

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Group Class

Hi everyone, Wednesday night group class will move to my house thru the winter. Starting tomorrow Nov 5th. Still dress warm!
See you tomorrow, Tami
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Next Week: First Aid Class for Dogs

Dr. Chad Zadina of TabbyRoad Large and Small Animal Clinic will be presenting a first aid class for dogs at our 6pm group class on Wednesday, September 10th at the Zach Elementary School park.

The class will cover CPR, bandaging, wound management, treatment for common maladies  (vomiting, diarrhea), among other topics.

We will also be doing some basic group work.

Bring your friends!

Check out Dr. Zadina at www.tabbyroad.com

Long Leash Training Class

Interested in some long leash training? I will be holding a long leash class at 5 p.m. – Wednesday, August 27 – before my regular 6 p.m. group class at the Zach Elementary School park.

Tuesday Morning Class Update

The Tuesday morning class will be returning to the regular 10 a.m. schedule. This group class will still meet at 5809 Strauss Cabin Road.

Time Change: Tuesday Morning Group Class

Let’s beat the heat!

Tuesday morning group class will be changed to 9 a.m. beginning June 17th.

We will still meet at my house.

Dog School Changes

As I haven’t changed many of my prices in years, I wanted to give you a “heads up” on the current changes.

1. I will no longer be offering “doggie daycare” as boarding limits my space availability for this option. Thanks for understanding this change.

2. My boarding price will increase and I will continue to require current vaccinations and a copy of those vaccinations for my records. This is a PACFA regulation.

3. I will no longer be offering lifetime classes for the upcoming clients, but I will continue this for my current clients; however, it would be helpful if you participated in only one class per week. This is due to my space limitations, which can be particularly difficult during the winter months.