Tonight’s Location – Aug 2 – Windsor!

Tonight at 6, the group class is meeting at 500 Hillspire Drive in Windsor, CO.  The location, on the east side of the lake, is in the Church of the Latter-day Saints parking lot. From there, we will walk to the Windsor Lake dog park.

26 March, 2016 09:53

Good morning dog students! Just a quick reminder, Saturday group class is back to 6pm., Wednesday evening at Zach elementary school. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!! Tami 🙂

18 March, 2016 20:37

Hi everyone! Since it’s spring break, and has snowed, we will be canceling group class tomorrow, March 19, 2016. And soon we will be back to Wednesday evenings! Have a great weekend every body!! Tami

Winter group class schedule

New winter group class schedule;

Tuesdays at 10am at my place.
Saturdays at 11am at Zach elementary

Group Class

Good afternoon!! What a beautiful day! Looks like it will be an awesome night for group class!! Remember Wednesday group is at 6p.m. and is held at Zach Elementary School! Tonight let’s try to do some long leash training so bring your long leashes! I will almost always be a little late because I have a 5:30 class. So just relax, and enjoy the evening, I will always get there as quick as I can!
See you soon! Tami 🙂
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Group class

Good morning everyone!! Tonight we will start our summer group classes back at the park!! We will have group class at 6pm at Zach Elementary school every Wednesday. We will keep the Tuesday morning group at 10am, at my house. We won’t be having Tuesday evening group, since now at the park we will have plenty of room.
I will be a few minutes last due to the fact that I always have a 5:30 private class on Wed. So please be patient I’ll always get there asap!
If thru the spring the weather gets real bad on a Wed we will just cancel for the night.
Things to bring, water bottle, bug spray, short and long leash.
See you tonight!!
Tami 🙂

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Spring Break !

Hi everyone!! I just thought I better let everyone know I am FULL for boarding, from March 13th – March 22nd! Hopefully if you needed me you set a reservation early! The end of March still has some openings. Remember don’t forget about reserving a spot for your dogs ahead of time, especially around Holidays!! Have a great rest of the week! Tami 🙂

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Jan. 13th 2015 Tues night group class.

Hi everyone! I need to cancel tonight’s group class at 6pm. I have school registration tonight for Gatlin. He starts middle school next year!! I will have group class tomorrow (Wed) at 6pm. I’ll see you all then.
Thank you, Tami

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Dec 30th classes

Hi everyone,
I have decided to cancel my classes tonight including group class. It is just too cold! Next week we will be back on schedule and we will do a protection class Wed after group training. Thank you, see you all next week. Stay warm!!

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