American Dog School outdoor runs

American Dog School outdoor runs

Group play at American Dog School!

Group play at American Dog School!

Due to space limitations, American Dog School will no longer be offering doggie day care.


My dog LOVES staying at American Dog School with Tami!

American Dog School boarding is available 7 days a week for dogs with current vaccinations, including Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.

Due to PACFA regulations, you MUST bring a copy of the above current vaccinations; otherwise,
I will be UNABLE to board your dog.

$35.00 /per night
$60.00 /per night for two family dogs that share the same pen.

Please bring food for all boarding dogs.
$5 extra/per night for all unneutered male dogs.

Pick-up is from 9-10 a.m. daily.  If you pick-up after that time, you will be changed a full next day boarding as I have fixed boarding slots available.

Drop off is from 9-10 a.m. daily. On Monday-Friday, you can call to schedule an evening drop-off if needed. On Saturday and Sunday, drop off option 9-10am only.

Full boarding payment is required upon pick-up of dog.

We take very good care of your furry loved ones. We group them with other dogs and let them socialize. We train them throughout the day. Which means your animal will have one-on-one training with a professional working on obedience.

We also work on behavioral problems while they stay with us. We are here all day…so your animal will be constantly worked and socialized and even put down for naps.

All of our dogs are kept in at night and rotated outside to promote housebreaking. The dogs are bedded down with soft burlaps and chew hooves to keep them content throughout the night.

In order to provide personal care and comfort, we keep a limit of 10 dogs. We have a list of references and the dogs are always happy to return. For your dog’s sake, it is better to keep his diet consistent… so bring your own food please. Chew toys & blankets are also welcome.

During the day, dogs are rotated outside into our clean and secure outdoor runs.

Group "hang time"

Group “hang time”

Large outdoor play area

Large outdoor play area